About BA


The cognitive sciences integrate various perspectives regarding mental processes that include learning, memory, language, decision-making, creativity, emotions and more. The content, the research methods, and the results are anchored in numerous fields: psychology and the study of mental processes and their behavioral expression; computer sciences and computational aspects of intelligent systems; brain sciences and biological, physiological, and anatomical aspects of human behavior and the brain circuits underlying them; philosophy and the study of

concepts such as mental representation, consciousness, and semantics; and the study of language as a cognitive system.

The department of cognitive sciences at the faculty of social sciences at Haifa University is a prestigious department that accepts students with high admission scores. Students in this program will receive a generous scholarship.

The studies provide a broad knowledge basis and continuation courses integrating diverse perspectives and research methods. An extremely great emphasis is placed on achievements, within the pleasant, friendly, and supportive atmosphere at the faculty of social sciences. In addition, a great emphasis is placed on combining various research approaches in order to investigate mental phenomena.

The Studies' Framework

The studies at the department of cognitive sciences are conducted in a double-major track, and they can be integrated with any other major. Recommended majors to combine with the studies in the department of cognitive sciences are: psychology, computer science, information systems, philosophy, biology, and the studies of Hebrew language. 

The duration of the studies is three years.

Academic and Employment Horizon

The purpose of the program is to equip and provide students with broad knowledge and creative thinking. The graduates of the department are expected to pursue advanced studies in specific fields of the cognitive sciences (such as cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, computer science, philosophy, artificial intelligence, linguistics) as well as interdisciplinary programs (such as brain and behavior studies, brain and psychopathology, or the cognitive sciences). The purpose of the program is to provide students with a broad knowledge basis in the cognitive sciences and to develop interdisciplinary thinking during the studies for BA. The main emphasis of the program is to develop sophisticated thinking, that may help in successful integration in academy and industry in the future. The program’s graduates will be privileged in different research fields, and they will be an important part of the research infrastructure of one of the most fascinating and central areas in the world.

Graduates of similar programs in Israel and around the world are successfully integrated in various fields in the industry, such as Hi-tech companies and startups related to the brain and cognitive sciences. The program exposes students to different research methods and types of thinking found in both the experimental and theoretical sciences. A broad and diverse education of this type strengthens and enriches the skills of the students and is therefore expected to open up a wide range of employment opportunities for them in the future.