The curriculum is based on three main principles:

Comprehensive Studies: students will acquire basic knowledge and concepts in each of the major fields making up the cognitive sciences: psychology, philosophy, computer sciences, brain science, and linguistics.  For this purpose, students have to take an introductory course and an advanced comprehensive course in each field.

Elective Studies: in order to enrich and widen the knowledge in the cognitive sciences, and aside from the student’s other major, there is a wide range of elective courses from the various areas of knowledge in the cognitive sciences.

Interdisciplinary Studies: the uniqueness of this program lies in the integration of different areas of knowledge. In order to successfully integrate the knowledge acquired in the basic courses and the in elective courses, exclusive courses to this program will address research that integrates theories from different fields. In these prestigious courses, which are eligible for this program’s students only and which are taught in small groups relative to other introductory courses, students will focus on the importance and benefits of the integration between knowledge and various methods characterizing the interdisciplinary approach of the cognitive sciences. Starting from the second year, and after being exposed to the different fields of knowledge in the introductory courses, an exclusive seminar to this program will be conducted, in which first-line Israeli and from around the world lecturers will give lectures, and who integrate in their research theoretical approaches and methods from different fields in the cognitive sciences.


The study program is conducted in a Double-Major track that can be integrated with any other department and is mostly recommended with the integration of the following departments:

Curriculum for computer sciences students

Curriculum for psychology students

Curriculum for philosophy students

Curriculum for Hebrew language students

Curriculum for information systems students

Curriculum for cognitive sciences double-major track


Curriculum (by year of study)

The program includes compulsory as well as elective course in different fields, such as: psychology, philosophy, computer sciences, brain science, linguistics, biology, information systems, and communication disorders. In addition, basic courses in mathematics, logic, and statistics are taught.

Students taking some of the compulsory courses or equivalent courses within the other department can complete the total credit points from the elective courses in the cognitive sciences department.

The following is the specification of the courses, by year of study. There might be slight changes.

Total 60 Credit Points

  • First year
  • Second year
  • Third year